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        When handed a twenty-five year sentence in an Alabama court room in 1987, Russell L. Ford was an agnostic living as a practical atheist. While still a catechumen in 1988, Fordís priest insisted he begin teaching the catechism evangelistically. God blessed that effort with many conversions of hardened criminals. Ford personally has sixty-two godsons, he has played a direct role in the conversions of roughly two hundred souls, the catechists he has trained operate successful evangelistic apostolates in eleven of Alabamaís eighteen major penal institutions, and he founded a national prison apostolate called Prisoners of the Perfect Prisoner National Network.
      After his reception into the Church on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes in 1989, Fordís priest began urging him to write for the Catholic media. Ford has become a highly respected writer on catechetics, apologetics, and evangelization, having been published in such publications as Homiletic and Pastoral Review, This Rock, Immaculate Heart Messenger, and many others.Ford is also author of the popular book The Missionaryís Catechism, which has been endorsed by Catholics such as apologist Karl Keating, the late theologian John Hardon, and Fathers of Mercy Superior General Fr. Bill Casey.
    Listen to a sample of Russell's story on his two tape set, No Escape, which tells about his conversion. To hear the audio, you must have the latest version of RealOne Player which can be downloaded free below:

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