"Want to do something exciting for the Thrid Millinnium," this book asks. "Become a Third Order Dominican" is the answer. This book explains that Vatican II was a manifest call for the renewal of all Third Orders, including the Dominican Laity. Third Orders signify in general, lay members of religious orders, i.e. men and women who do not necessarily live in community and yet can claim to wear the habit and participate in the good works of some great order. The essential nature of the Third Order is really an innovation of the thirteenth century. At that date many of the laity, impatient of the indolent and sometimes scandalous lives of the clergy (sound familiar), were seized with the idea of reforming Christendom by preaching. The Thrid Order was established to help in the reform of Church discipline, to defend the Church, and to deveolp the communion of prayer. Today Third Order Dominicans, now simply called Lay Dominicans, still seek a life of Christian perfection and penance while continuing the normal pursuits of the laity. This modest but well written book will tell you all about it. It also contains a suggested reading list, an excellent bibliography, and four very useful appendices; one of which contains Simon Tugwell's translation of St. Dominick's Nine Ways of Prayer. It makes an excellent guide for prayerful meditation.



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