"Those who have labored in the fields of Catholic-Jewish relations are most greatful to Marty Barrack for this book. Second Exodus is essential for anyone interested in Judaism or in the origins of the Catholic Church. This is not a book dealing with experiences of Jews who have found their Messiah in the Catholic Church. In Second Exodus we see the Synagogue as it is transformed by the Messiah. This book is most informative for any Jew who is interested in the faith of Catholics. At the same time, Marty Barrack has provided an excellent resource for Catholics to know more about their Jewish heritage."

—Mark Drogin, Remnant of Israel, New Hope, Kentuckey


"Reminiscent of David Goldstein and Rosalie Marie Levy during the first half of this century, and Fr. Arthur Klyber during the second half, Marty Barrack, another son of Israel, has given us an intelligent, faith-filled and zealous apologetic with which to enter the third millennium. Second Exodus incorporates insights from Marty's heritage, the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and the leadership of the current Vicar of Christ, John Paul II. I warmly recommend this book for all who would ask the reasons for our faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

—David Moss, President Association of Hebrew Catholics



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